App Review: Dead Trigger

Like blowing heads off of zombies? Like completely destroying a horde with a minigun or crossbow? Then this is the game for you! Dead trigger is a game about blowing limbs off a horde of zombies, while also carrying missions. At first it was pretty easy, I just shot them all in the head and they died. And then I met the hulk zombie, a giant mass of instakill. The most terrifying part of the game I’ve seen so far is the graveyard level. Imagine 1 hulk zombie uses an entire gun, and multiply that by 5 and add 10 extra zombies. Pretty terrifying right? The only thing that I’ve been able to take all of them down and live with so far, is the minigun. This game is the best zombie one I’ve ever seen. It has great graphics, easy game play, and best of all…..shotguns! I’d give this a 4.5/5 stars. I wish they’d give us some AI partners because defending someone taking their time in the car is hard work. But this really is a fun game and I’d definitively recommend you play it.

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