Movie Review

Today I will be reviewing the movie “LUCY” It was a pretty good movie, I liked the concept and the plot was pretty good. Basically the story revolves around Lucy, a 25 year old woman that got mixed up in some Chinese drug business. Her goal, after discussing her new powers with Morgan Freeman, is to reach 100% cerebral capacity and put it into a supercomputer a.k.a. traveling through the universe while bubbling up to create a supercomputer, and eventually dying. My favorite part was Lucy’s was able to make the Chinese gunmen float in the air. I found it hilarious that for some reason, their faces looked constipated. Towards the end, the movie kinda sucked; She started traveling through time and somehow ended in space. It looked cool, but would’ve been better for a different movie. Overall I’d give this movie a 7/10. I’d recommend you watch it for yourself; the story is interesting, but don’t think too much about how she was sitting in a chair and somehow ended up watching the big bang.

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