New Stylus!

inionstylusI finally got my new stylus – the Adonit Jot Mini Fine Point Precision Stylus! I’ve been waiting all week so I’m really happy and excited to use it!

It draws much better than the old one and is more accurate! I can draw with so much more detail and will have an easier time drawing now. Thanks mom! The old stylus started to fall apart too, perfect timing. I was worried that the small tip might pop off but it even came with a cap you can screw over the stylus to protect it. I had to put some tape around the hook though, it kept slipping out the strap so I had to make the hook part of it thicker. I’d highly recommend this if you want to have an easier time drawing small details. It doesn’t skip or anything so the quality is good too. So far I haven’t encountered any problems with it. I’ll be using this one for a loooonnng time.

Is That a Lightsaber or Are You Happy to See Me?
Bad Stylus


  1. Carmen Sakurai says:

    Yay I love mine too! I’m relieved they work so well! 🙂