The Revolutionary Movie That Replaced Aliens With Potatoes

the_MartianWarning (contains some spoilers!!!)

The Martian is your typical “Stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere all by yourself” movie. If the island happened to be mars, and the ship was a spacecraft, and you’re in freaking space. What is supposed to be a sci-fi adventure drama is actually quite funny. Whether it’s bringing up the fact that he’s now legally a space pirate, or if it’s when his house explodes, there are plenty of scenes to keep you laughing while also making sure it’s still a serious movie.

I just have a FEW questions after watching… First off, does Matt Damon’s Mark Watney have EVERYTHING he needs to survive? Potatoes, the fact that he’s a botanist, down to the sheit from the toilet (fertilizer). I mean who leaves a good potato out in space? But all of this aside, where the hell were the aliens? You can’t just make a space movie and not have any Easter eggs out in the distance (none that i’ve found yet).

Alright getting back to the main review (not the rant) this was an amazing movie and I had a great time watching it. It had uplifting moments and geeky parts that made you google whether or not some things worked in real life, which makes it even better.

Overall I’d give this a 4½/5 stars. Loved it, could watch it again. I’d recommend this to people that want to watch a good sci-fi movie that has some funny scenes and a satisfying ending (liked that poop joke he made).

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  1. Carmen Sakurai says:

    LOVED the movie! Hurray for science! 🙂